1. Let’s make AmfPHP faster

    A few months ago we added a feedback form for amfPHP to the website. https://www.silexlabs.org/amfphp/feedback/ Thanks to everyone who answered. Please keep it coming! The most popular feature request is « c extension for AMF, allowing much better performance ». This is a big project, and needs to be financed. One option that is...
  2. Big Data leak using old AmfPHP

    This article was brought to our attention: http://webwereld.nl/nieuws/111012/marketingsite-bol-com-lekt-gegevens-84-000-mensen.html What it says is that a website suffered a leak because they were using an older version of amfPHP, and that this was with SQL injection. AmfPHP doesn’t provide any functionality to interact with databases, its role is only to expose it so that...
  3. Sencha Touch 2 and amfPHP2

    Mathieu Decoene  @Coenego here shares some insights on using Sencha Touch 2 with amfPHP 2 For those who don’t know Sencha Touch: it’s a javascript framework for mobile (based on Sencha Ext). It’s always a bit trial and error when new updates are released; new methods, deprecated stuff… I’m talking about Sencha Touch 2...

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