1. Grid

    This plugin is a grid displayed when logged, it snaps components to the nearest grid intersection. It adds two buttons in the veiwMenu, the first shows/hides the grid and the second one activates/desactivate the grid snap. You can setup the plugin in the manager with the following parameters : grid...
  2. Ruler Tool

    It’s a ruler that can help you to aline yours components and organize your page. This ruler_tool.zip contains : – fla file – swf file – read_me Download rules_tool.zip
  3. amfphp debug for silex

    This tool is for debug only, when Silex does not behave normally. Install this plugin from the manager « install new items » section. Open the « cgi/browser/ » folder in a browser. You will be able to test the php part of Silex.   service browser AmfPhp browser shows php errors
  4. Lex Quick And Dirty tools

    Download Lex Quick And Dirty tools Description for now this tool has only one button and let you duplicate medias and components with all their settings discuss it in french here Install Unzip and put the swf file in silex « tools/ » folder Use select a media click « duplicate »
  5. multicontext tool box

    Description Use this toolbox to make multi contexts websites. For example a website in several different languages (like http://silex-ria.org ) or with different definition options (high/medium/low band width). This tool lets you define a context for each media. A media can be visible in all situations or only in some...

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