1. Fullscreen Component

    Sources fullscreen-v1.0 About this Component This is a silex component (see http://silex-ria.org/api-v1/ ). It is only available for FP 8 and newer. If you put this component in a Silex page or in the preload files list, it will add a command to the interpreter which make it possible to switch...
  2. Toggle button

    Sources toggle_button Description A toggle button allows to distinguish in a visual way (by two different colors or shapes for instance) if the end user is on the page which is selected by this button or if he is on an other page of the website. Use see the read_me.txt...
  3. XLSSynchro

    Use XLSsynchro as a backoffice tool to dynamise your Silex Sites content associated to the ExcelComponent for front office part. XLSsynchro to allow the end user to upload easily an XLS file to his hosting server. This tool is an ODS file (Open Office CALC) that contains a macro which...
  4. OOF for Silex

    English Description OOF is a library of Flash components usable in Flash or with Silex. They are mainly oriented towards data handling. With them you can build a gallery, read RSS feeds, read and write in a database, send mails, etc. This is done with Flash or Silex, by designers...
  5. Excel plugin for silex

    Sources version 1.0 : excel plugin for silex version 1.1 : excel-plugin-for-silex-v1.1 Versions v1.0 2009/08/01 v1.1 2010/03/04 xls and xlsx support in excel_compute script Presentation Use PHPExcel to set values and get values from an Excel sheet. The result is an RSS feed which you can use in Silex with the Oof...

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