1. Silex SEO Plugin

    Description This plugin adds the possiblity to generate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) informations for a silex site in some specific cases. Normal cases are already taken care of by Silex.
  2. ZincDesktop plugin, your Silex publications on the desktop

    Description Functionalities provided by this plugin your site with a transparent background on the user desktop no installation, just a native application which launches from the hard drive mac and windows compatible, 1 Silex publication gives 2 pixel perfect versions Applications we have already produced an installer to install programs,...
  3. Filters component

    Sources filters component – sources DESCRIPTION The OOFilter component allow you to apply dynamically Flash’s filter to any component of a Silex publication. V1.2 : traduction and specific panel added
  4. Simple Gallery

    This component is a simple picture gallery, just drop it in your site and input the urls of your gallery’s pictures. Authors : Camille GERARD HIRNE, Yannick DOMINGUEZ 2 galleries This plugin adds 2 components : the gallery and the autoplay gallery. They are both the same component with different...
  5. Google maps plugin

    This plugin display a google maps in your Silex website. You just have to copy the permalink of your maps (the « LINK » in the top right corner of google maps and past it in the plugin specific field. You can create a custom map with this tutorial
  6. Ultralign

    This component align components to the stage borders, scene borders or to the component position. Installation To use this component, you must first install it on your silex server and then activate it for your publication or for the entire server. Properties Anchor Point The point to align the components...
  7. DownloadButton plugin

    DownloadButton Plugin Description This plugin adds the DownloadButton component to your SILEX Server. This button can be added to download a PDF file that was imported with PDF2SWF or it can also be forced to download any other file. Properties: fileURL: The fileURL property allows you to set the file...

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