1. Lite Design component

    Sources lite_design component – sources Description The lite design component contains all the elements that you need for a video, a music list, an image gallery or a diaporama. In this file, you will find : a list scrollbar  a play button a pause button a next button a previous...
  2. Font Arial

    FONT INSTRUCTIONS Arial is a typeface family comprising standard Arial (Arial Std) and variants, including Arial Black, Bold, Extra Bold, Condensed, Italic, Light, Medium, Monospaced, Narrow, and Rounded.
  3. Animation plugin

    This is a plugin adding animation to Silex using actions. You need to install it and activate it for the whole server or for each publication in which you want to use it. Update v1.1 The plugin now use Caurina for it’s Tween instead of Flash built in tweens thanks...
  4. loader bounced

    Here you are.. Bling bling! Download this loader and place it in the « loaders » folder of your Silex server Loader Bounced by pascal design
  5. PDF import plugin

    Description This plugin is used to import pdf files into a template publication. Download Source files are available here : PDF import plugin for Silex – sources
  6. « Agro » Theme

    Online Demo Généralités : Spécificité du thème : un diaporama en arrière plan, visible sur toutes les pages du site. Nombre de pages : 14 Nombre de rubriques : 6 Téléchargez la version PDF de ce descriptif Download the english version of this functional description Pré-requis Avoir au minimum la version 1.6.1  du Silex...

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