1. Social Facebook frame Widget

    This plugin displayes the facebook Like Box widget. The Like Box is a social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website. It works only with fan pages (no profil, no group possible). The Like Box enables users to: See how many users...
  2. Grid

    This plugin is a grid displayed when logged, it snaps components to the nearest grid intersection. It adds two buttons in the veiwMenu, the first shows/hides the grid and the second one activates/desactivate the grid snap. You can setup the plugin in the manager with the following parameters : grid...
  3. Simple FullScreen

    This plugin enables fullScreen mode in Silex via actions. Use install the plugin via the Silex Manager or by handActivate the plugin for a server or for one or many publication(s) In a publication, on any component, you can use the following methods : _global.fullScreen.startFullScreen: if you want to enter...
  4. best buttons

    Click here to download the BestSkinnableButton sources This plugin contains a set of buttons for Silex. Those buttons cover most classic button uses and improve on the buttons packaged with Silex (like the dreaded labelButton). There are currently 3 different buttons packaged with this plugin. They all share common properties...
  5. Slider plugin

    This plugin install two components : a slider and a progress bar.They are both the same component with different default parameters. 2 components When adding a slider component, the progress bar of the component is hidden and the handle shown whereas when adding a progress bar, the progress bar is...

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