1. Silex Labs organisation

    réunion du vendredi 18 mars 2011 au local Silex Labs Cette réunion était orientée vers les membres actifs. Nous avions pour objectif de prioriser les projets, de déterminer de ce qui est nécessaire en terme d’organisation et de réus Les fondateurs à la soirée SL – Photo: Chloé/Georges, choisie par Koala,...
  2. Silex in the top 50 !

    Friday the 4 february – is to remember !!! For the first time in the history of Silex on Sorceforge (nearly 4 years), it reached the 50th position, on a scale with no less than 8 500 projects… Party time !!!  This great performance deserves to be celebrated !!!  »...
  3. Silex widgets and gadgets

    Silex Labs widgets are made with Silex and allow you to keep in touch with Silex Labs each time you start your computer, be informed about the organization life, the community and the projects. Sadly, these widget are Windows only and even Windows 32 bits only! To know more about...
  4. loader bounced

    Here you are.. Bling bling! Download this loader and place it in the « loaders » folder of your Silex server Loader Bounced by pascal design
  5. FAQ – Silex and the content data stored as XML

    Question How does Silex currently store and edit the content data for a site? Can I use external tools in order to edit content? Answer Silex uses XML to store the pages data, here is the XML format specifications. But this data is the « presentation » in fact. It is generated...
  6. Silex Carbon development opportunities

    Dear Silex developers, As you certainly know, Silex core team have had 6 months of development paid by a French group, in order to work full time on Silex ergonomics, optimization and standardization. And the non profit organization Silex Labs has followed the move and did a great job for...

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