1. Create a dynamic menu with Oof

    This tutorial will show you how to create a dynamic menu with Oof, without using icons. You will find in this post the different steps to get there. You can download the working dynamic menu on the exchange platform and see the final result here.
  2. Create a slideshow

    It’s really easy to create a slideshow in Silex. To do so, you first need to follow the full gallery tutorial. The resulting gallery will be used for this tutorial. It can also be used for any other type of gallery (audio, video, image) You can download the working slideshow...
  3. Customize your ThumbList for your gallery

      This tutorial will show you how to customize your thumbList for your gallery and remove the rollover and click color effect. Before starting look at the before / after If you don’t see any difference, check the gallery on a white background : Let’s go and make this color...
  4. Create a gallery with Oof components

    This tutorial will help you to create an image gallery in Silex with Oof components. You will find in this post  the different steps to get there. You will also find the .zip of the images that were used for this tutorial so that you can reproduce it on your...
  5. A countryside theme

    A new theme online ! For those that were waiting for it…the Agro theme has just arrived on the exchange platform. This very simple theme has the particularity to have a slideshow as background, visible on all the pages. Go here for the online demo and there to download it....
  6. Un thème qui fleure bon les champs

    Nouveau thème en ligne ! Pour celles et ceux qui l’attendaient…le thème Agro vient d’arriver sur la platforme d’échange. Ce thème simplissime a pour particularité d’avoir un diaporama en fond, visible sur toutes les pages. Rendez-vous ici pour la démo et là pour le télécharger. New : ce thème s’accompagne...
  7. Silex forty-second ! What’s next ?

    Silex’s unstoppable climb on Sourceforge.net In this wednesday 9 of february 2011, we just want to share our pleasure to be forty-second on Sourceforge. As usual the picture that proves it. Again thanks to all of you ! To follow all our stats on Sourceforge, you can go here. And...

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