1. Filters component

    Sources filters component – sources DESCRIPTION The OOFilter component allow you to apply dynamically Flash’s filter to any component of a Silex publication. V1.2 : traduction and specific panel added
  2. New screencasts for Silex !

    Lexa did it ! Thanks to lexa’s insomnia, Silex won 2 great screencasts. Their topics are : the installation of the import pdf plugin and the download of an adapted theme add interactions to a pdf publication A great initiative for Silex and it’s community ! So, if you can’t...
  3. Use the Google Analytics plugin

    Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. A Google Analytics plugin has been developped for Silex and will see in this tutorial how to use it. Note : you can install and parameter your google analytics plugin locally,...

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