1. Charly

    12 Août 12

    Hey Guys,

    Thx for the great Job u did and just do! 🙂

    Got a Bug here in my App (Flex):
    Since I updated from amfphp1.9 to 2.1 I’m running into performance problems with MySQL Queries.

    Something like this here, took me about less than two seconds: return mysql_query($sql);
    But since amfPHP 2.1 it takes over 6 seconds!!! And the amount or complexity of the informations in the database didn’t changed, yet… it’s just the same as with the queries in 1.9.

    I already used ADODB and it takes over 6 seconds, too.

    In amfPHP 1.9 it was much easier and faster… could u please give me some tips or advice how to handle this problem?
    Any Solutions?

    I’d very apreciate your support.

    Thx & Best regards,

  2. Charly

    12 Août 12

    Ok here is another issue i run into:

    Call in Flex:
    remoteObj.remoteMethodName(someObject); // FAILED

    This doesn’t function anymore!!!!!! WHY????

    Is the 2.1 really an increasement of the previous one (1.9) or is it just a parallel version and not an upgrade???
    Cause, before thew update i didn’t have all that issues!!!

    Best regards

    This is

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