Upgrading from 2.0.x and 2.1.x to 2.2

There have been a few changes when developing 2.2. To help upgrade, these are tested for in Amfphp/Core/Gateway.php at line 165 and below. Once your upgrade is successful, feel free to delete those lines.

The changes are the following

  • Amfphp now supports namespaces, so in the config the serviceFolderPaths array has been renamed to serviceFolders. See « using namespaces » for details.(todo)
  • The AmfphpCustomClassConverter plugin has been renamed to AmfphpVoConverter, and its config ‘customClassFolderPaths’ has been renamed to ‘voFolders’
  • The Flex Array Collection handling has been normalized. See Data Types for details on the current behavior.

See the change log for details.



    30 Mar 17

    how to upgrade Amfphp1.9 to 2.2

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