This client generator generates a Flash Builder 4.6 Project. Available in Amfphp 2.1.1 and later.

The code is in the ‘src’ folder, in which you’ll find:

  • The generated service access classes in the ‘org.silexlabs.amfphp.clientgenerator.generated.service’ package.
  • The generated user interface classes in the ‘org.silexlabs.amfphp.clientgenerator.generated.ui’ package.
  • other code necessary for the project to run.
  • the service-config.xml where the AmfPHP entry point URL is defined.

There is no skinning included, except for the AmfPHP background image.


  1. Fary

    1 Août 12

    Hi I try connect but I cant
    Help me please

    [Bindable] public var rutaGateway: String =’/Amfphp/Core/Gateway.php’;

  2. Fary

    1 Août 12

  3. Natan Cabral

    4 Déc 12

    Excelent work! Clean job.

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