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This client generator generates a CS 5.5 Flash Project.
The Fla is in the ‘fla’ folder. It contains resources that can easily be skinned such as buttons, labels, headers etc.

The code is in the ‘src’ folder, in which you’ll find:

  • The generated service access classes in the ‘org.silexlabs.amfphp.clientgenerator.generated.service’ package.
  • The generated user interface classes in the ‘org.silexlabs.amfphp.clientgenerator.generated.ui’ package.
  • other code necessary for the project to run.

The provided Fla is loosely based on the current service browser skin. You can customize it as needed, or just take the generated service access classes and build your own user interface from scratch.

On the generated user interface classes

The layout code has been written to be as simple as possible to customize, so is quite basic.

You can customize the user interface for a service either by changing the code, or by adding info to the Fla. For example, if you want to customize the ‘TestServiceClient’, create a TestServiceClient symbol in the Fla and associate it with the org.silexlabs.amfphp.clientgenerator.generated.ui.TestServiceClient class. You can add graphical elements as needed.

If you don’t like the way an element is positioned, you can either change it in the code, or create an element with the same name in the TestServiceClient symbol. For example if you don’t like the way ‘returnOneParam_param_Input’ is positioned, you can add a ‘TextInput’ to the TestServiceClient symbol with the name ‘returnOneParam_param_Input’, and it will be used in place of what would normally be generated.


  1. Fletch

    1 Nov 16

    Creating the client project did not work. It downloads a file that will not unzip. At least on my mac – os 10.12.

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