We are very proud to be the maintainers of a project that has seen hundreds of thousands of downloads since its inception, that has users from all around the world, and weekly a new blog post or tutorial in a language that we don’t understand.  So thank you all!

Bugs and Feature Requests

If you have a bug, please report it here, and if you have a feature request, please report it here.


We’re always interested in contributions, so if you’d like to help, drop us a line!

We’re particularly interested in:

  • Integrating amfPHP with other frameworks. If you know a framework and think amfPHP would be a good fit, we can support you with the integration.
  • Creating plugins. You have ideas, or you have a working plugin, let us know!
  • Tutorials, screen casts, blog posts, anything that can help our users.


By retrogamer4ever

Thank you, thank you, thank you! For bring life back into the amfphp project and for this updated… I greatly appreciate everything you guys have done with I have tried the Zend AMF implementation, web orb, and I always come back to this project… Easy to setup, use and yeah. Keep up the great work guys!


Zend AMF; 12 hours; Still Can’t Connect | AMFPHP 2.0; 3 Minutes; Connected and Working | Conclusion; AMFPHP Rocks; ZendAMF Sucks.


  • Yannick Dominguez (Plugins)
  • Pol Goasdoué (Design, Integration)
  • Camille Gerard-Hirne (Website Integration)
  • Daniel Hoffmann (Service Browser, Design)
  • Alexandre Hoyau (Communication, Architecture)
  • Nicolas Masson (3d artwork)
  • Ariel Sommeria-Klein (Team Lead, Architecture, Core Development, Documentation, Communication)

Past contributors

Around amfPHP

amfPHP is not an island. Here is what is going on around it.


We would like very much for amfPHP to be used as a library in other frameworks. A lot of implementations out there already exist, but they are with the 1.9 version and are often out of date. If you know of other integrations, or would like to create one, please contact us.

Here a few links to projects that are interesting but that need to be refreshed. Please drop the authors a line to show them your interest!

Drupal integration with amfPHP:

WordPress integration with amfPHP :

Joomla used to have j-amfphp, but it is no longer available

Code Igniter integration with amfPHP


AMF lib for js

haXe, hxFormat AMF3 support
Rpc js


ZendAMF, SabreAMF, Web Orb

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