amfPHP v2 Reloaded Release Candidate 1 is out

Silex Labs is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of amfPHP v2.0 “reloaded”, the first release candidate. Hence the beautiful name, v2.0RC1. The final release for v2.0 is planned for September, but in the meantime this release should already be used for new projects. For maintaining old projects, unless you are having issues with 1.9 you can safely wait for September.

From the changelog:

  • better serialization of typed objects.
  • enhanced service browser plugin
  • IExternalizable support
  • fix xml, xmldoc, date types
  • examples
  • refactor for phpdoc compatibility
  • change from gateway.php to index.php
  • miscellaneous bug fixes

Get it here:

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