AmfPHP survives Zend AMF

Adobe has given up on its PHP products, it seems. And yes, this is yet another good reason to use amfPHP!

What’s up with Zend AMF? The old download link now shows a “Page Not Found” error.

: [Zend AMF is ] dropped as of rc1. We moved it to its own repo as it’s unmaintained, and the zf1 version is more stable.


AmfPHP has been around since 2003, but Adobe chose to develop their own solution in collaboration with Zend. How did they stack up against each other?

Zend AMF’s advantages:

  • Official Adobe Product
  • Zend Framework Integration
  • Flash Builder for PHP integration

AmfPHP’s advantages:

  • Vast Community Support, tutorials, etc.
  • Service Browser
  • Client Code Generator for multiple client technologies
  • No need to code gateway, making it easier to get started
  • plugins
  • support for other protocols

Competition is good, and there was space for both products. Zend AMF will be missed! In the meantime, you can of course download amfPHP here.

If you need help switching or simply have some questions, please get in touch via the forums

We are also looking for people with experience with both amfPHP and Zend Framework to help us bridge both platforms. If you fit the bill we would be glad to provide any assistance you might need.


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