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AmfPHP at the Speed of Light

Baguette AMF makes AmfPHP faster.

  • You want to improve your user experience by improving your server’s response times ?
  • Your servers are having trouble handling the load ?

Then Baguette AMF is for you.

How does it work?

AMF is a very compact binary format. It is however difficult to parse. AmfPHP on its own does a good job, but it takes time, as it is written in PHP. Baguette AMF is written in C, and therefore enjoys native performance. This means up to 20 times faster conversion times.

Baguette AMF is a product by Ariel Sommeria-Klein, team lead for AmfPHP.

More info at the Product Website.


  1. Zabojad

    29 Oct 12

    Hey ! Nice !

  2. Deleu

    18 Fév 13

    I needed a Windows 7/8 x64 bits version of this to try out and see for myself the difference… :/

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