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AMFPHP is back! A new team has come together to get the project moving again.

AMFPHP is the best way for Flash to communicate with your PHP code. It understands the AMF data sent and received by Flash, and translates it into something your PHP code can work with. AMF allows for binary serialization of Action Script (AS2, AS3) native types and objects to be sent to server side services.

It is a critical component in a number of projects, so we decided to revive it. Many CMS can integrate with AMFPHP. Check


Learn more:

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  1. ozren

    2 Fév 10

    Its about time !!

  2. Josh Chernoff

    2 Fév 10

    I have always hated to be so critical of Wade Arnold, but to me I feel that he held amfphp hostage under the false statement that he was actively developing on it even though I don’t think he has done anything with it since he got it back in a few year ago. I have never had a good experience with setting up zend and the framework feels very bias to flex and almost anti flash.

    I have very much missed amfphp and I would contribute to the development if I knew php better. I on the other hand can offer to fix the front page amfphp that was left in a crappy half ass way.

  3. Ted

    2 Fév 10

    Good to hear AMFPHP is back 🙂 I have a question. Where I can find « Code generator » for AMFPHP 1.9beta

  4. Jonathan Knapp

    2 Fév 10

    Thanks a lot! It takes very dedicated people to do things like this, and I thank you for it.

  5. Nick Bilyk

    2 Fév 10

    Great to hear. I have a lot of AMFPHP projects and Zend AMF isn’t to the point where I feel comfortable switching to it. I’m glad to see this is being revived.

  6. JohnO

    2 Fév 10

    Awesome its back. I’m curious what the plans are going forward after making sure 1.9 is solid.

    Things I’d love to see ->
    Simple messaging (similar to WebOrb polling style) or even better, add-on with Python or something that has easy hooks into AMFPHP so we can do real push (if possible).

    Maybe working with the popular frameworks like CodeIgniter and CakePHP as well to make them first class citizens.

    But none of that is super critical. I’m just glad to see someone has taken up the torch for AMFPHP. 🙂

  7. Ariel

    3 Fév 10

    Wow, lots of comments to answer…

    @Josh: Thanks for your offer. We plan on getting rid of the old website soon, I’ll keep you in the loop and maybe we get seriously started we can discuss it together.
    One way you can help right now is hanging out in the forums.

  8. Ariel

    3 Fév 10

    There is unfortunately no code generator at the moment, but we’re working on doing something there. One thing you could check out in the meantime is AMFPHP Genie.

  9. Ariel

    3 Fév 10

    We’ve got lots of things planned, I’d just rather not talk about it yet 😉
    Thanks for the suggestions, we’ll bear them in mind

  10. lexa

    28 Fév 10

    Hi, interesting idea to make the encoding/decoding in C. You have to install it on a dedicated server right ? Is the configuration easy ?

    I believe we could propose this as an amfphp plugin but we won’t be able to maintain it for now. Is it stable ? Does it work with php5.3 ?

  11. Ricardo Ramires

    2 Mar 10

    Yes I was using the extension for amfphp 1,9 beta2 with php 5.2.6 in a dedicated server, in superior versions of php it I do not function, as in the 5.3.

    I read the first time regarding it in blog of Patrick:

    It would be interesting in the future if somebody that it programs in C could continue the project of the extension, therefore the performance difference is great.

    To obtain somebody to bring update the extension here gives a return.

  12. Ariel

    3 Mar 10

    Hi Ricardo,
    I’ve found somebody potentially interested in becoming the new maintainer from the project, but I have yet to see something be done on that side. If you know of somebody willing to help out, let me know!

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