AmfPHP At The Speed of Light – Baguette AMF public beta

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The AmfPHP community has repeatedly asked for a performance boosting PHP extension.

More Speed!

Ariel Sommeria-Klein, team lead for AmfPHP, therefore created Baguette AMF, a project associating a PHP extension for parsing AMF natively, and a plugin for seamless integration with AmfPHP.

The tagline is AmfPHP at the Speed of Light as Baguette AMF makes AmfPHP up to 20 times faster.

It is now in public beta, so please try it out!

Please note that this is a commercial project and therefore not directly associated with Silex Labs.


  1. lexa

    7 Mar 13

    Very nice illustration!
    Not sure about the license, but anyway, no body will catch you at this speed 😉

  2. Ariel Sommeria-Klein

    7 Mar 13

    Thanks 🙂
    It’s a commercial license, and indeed I need to put some details online.

  3. Ariel Sommeria-Klein

    17 Mar 13

    not much. It’s unmaintained and unsupported. The need is still there though, hence Baguette AMF

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