A Friday Night Out

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Full Future

The opening night of the Futur en Seine festival was held in a nice courtyard off the rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine in the Bastille area. A mix of businessmen, officials, nerds, geeks, BoBos, techies were chatting, drinking, laughing and eating Petits-Fours all in the same place ! Pol was clearly in his element, Ariel and Arthur were happily distributing flyers for the next Silex workshop in Soissons for the Trophées du Libre, Ariel and I also met with Luka one of the inventor of the FRIDA-V bicycle, Athanase’s hair turned red and Pascal…Pascal, what were you doin’ ? Where were you ? Slipping through the crowd, unnoticed…

All in all it was nice but not exactly the best place to chat…

The Witching Hour Bar

Some of the cocktail goers ended up in the cafe opposite as soon as Cap Digital closed its doors around 10pm. Beer, chat, James Becht on how to make a website properly ;D, travels, beers again, cigarettes, Silex, queer, and so on, until 2 am and even later… It was also the occasion for some of us to get to know each other better outside the office where, by the way, Sha and Alex remained, working on the Silex Manager !

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