Silex Labs

What is Silex Labs ?

Silex Labs is a non profit organization dedicated to helping open source communities. Our main objective is to share, sustain and expand open source projects.


We organize workshops, contributhons, conferences and afterworks.
We are heavily involved in the creation and the development of open source projects.


We believe that contributions and events can change everyone’s life :
By creating the best tools available on the internets and keeping them free.
By giving people a better understanding of the new technologies and how to use them.

Our goals

Share our inspiration with everyone and teach our knowledge.
Help people take control over their digital and professional lives.
Contribute for a free and better World Wild Web.
Build human networks and inspire people.

If you want to change the world, contribute and show others how good it is to contribute. We are hiring the best volunteers who want to share opinions, knowledge, good time…


We supports several projects and events. Our goal is to help projects expand and be sustainable. The projects are mostly technically close and complementary, so that the communities can influence and benefit from each other. For example, Haxe and Amfphp are upstream projects for Cocktail and Silex.

Our projects are documented in order to be usable by other people in other places. We intend to mix communities of different projects and mix people from different places and professional backgrounds.

In the page about Silex Labs services, you will find examples of what we do for open source projects since 2009 with a growing team of volunteers and tech enthusiasts from all kind of professional backgrounds.

Silex Labs Story

2008 BC: Before Creation

Projects release

  • Silex v1.x
  • Oof v1.0


  • Apple expo, La villette…


Projects releases

  • Silex v1.5 Commet release
  • Oof v1.1

Online activity



Projects releases

  • Silex v1.6 Carbon
  • amfPHP v1.9
  • Oof v1.2

Online activity



Here is our end of year statement, with the details of our activities, our accountant anual report, etc.

And the same document in french, with much more illustrations: Bilan annuel de l’association Silex Labs.

Projects releases

  • Silex design kit
  • amfPHP v2.0

Online activity

  • 35 creative commons free Silex themes and 10 plugins
  • 8 amfPHP plugins
  • Creation of Silex Labs community platform for collaboration on open source projects
  • 70 blog posts



Bilan 2013 de Silex Labs


Bilan 2014 : les chiffres et les lettres du libre de Silex Labs


Join the adventure

Upcoming Events / Événements à venir

  1. Atelier Silex #1 Hello World à Silicon Banlieue

    2 February @ 13:30 - 17:30
  2. Atelier Silex #2 Hello World à Silicon Banlieue

    5 February @ 13:30 - 17:30
  3. Atelier Vim #6 : Vive Vim !

    16 February @ 19:00 - 21:00
  4. Silex Labs décrypte Javascript en mode Dojo

    19 February @ 19:00 - 21:00
  5. Atelier d’initiation à Git : Push toi de là que je m’y merge !!

    24 February @ 19:00 - 21:00

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