Silex Labs

Silex Labs is a non profit organization dedicated to helping open source communities.


We supports several projects, and boost their communities by organizing events, by providing means to collaborate and to get things organized. Our goal is to help projects expand and be sustainable. The projects are community projects, technically close and complementary, so that the communities can influence and benefit from each other. For example, Haxe and AmfPHP are upstream projects for Silex and Cocktail.

Our actions are documented in order to be replicable by other people in other places. We tend to mix communities of different projects and mix people from diffenrent places and professional backgrounds.

Silex Labs team has shown a remarcable dedication to help “our” communities, in the scope of our missions:

  • evangelization and training
  • promotion and networking
  • help organize and federate

This is the vision that we share in the Silex Labs core team and in the “1st circle” – our most active members. Join us and get involved up to what suites you.

In the page about Silex Labs services, you will find examples of what we do for “our” projects since 2009 with a growing team of volunteers and tech enthusiasts from all kind of professional backgrounds.

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2008 BC: Before Creation

Projects release

  • Silex v1.x
  • Oof v1.0



Projects releases

  • Silex v1.5 Commet release
  • Oof v1.1

Online activity



Projects releases

  • Silex v1.6 Carbon
  • amfPHP v1.9
  • Oof v1.2

Online activity



Here is our end of year statement, with the details of our activities, our accountant anual report, etc.

And the same document in french, with much more illustrations: Bilan annuel de l’association Silex Labs.

Projects releases

  • Silex design kit
  • amfPHP v2.0

Online activity

  • 35 creative commons free Silex themes and 10 plugins
  • 8 amfPHP plugins
  • Creation of Silex Labs community platform for collaboration on open source projects
  • 70 blog posts



Bilan 2013 de Silex Labs


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is outdated.

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