Change the background color

A customized background color

The manager allows you to change the background color of your publication.

By default, dark-grey is the background color of a publication.

To change the original color, in the <Manage> section, after had selected a publication in the given list :

  • Indicate the hexadecimal code of the wanted color in the field dedicate at this effect – field preceded by the <background color> indication. In theory, the hexadecimal color code is formalized as following :
      #XXXXXX – X can be as well as figures than letters.


      In Silex, the use of  the # is not necessary.

Example :

    the hexadecimal color code for white color is : #FFFFFF ; in the manager, in the field dedicate at this effect, only FFFFFF is enough.
  • One click on the colored square, right the field containing the hexadecimal code, opens a palette with a large color’s range. Only one click on one of those colors select it. Confirm by clicking on the <OK> button. Then save the properties changes.
    NB : if during the change of background color in the manager your publication is open, it would be necessary to update your browser’s page to display the new background color.

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