Install silex online

Note for HTML5-editor users: these instructions apply to you too, since it is based on Silex.

Become visible on the web!

Installing a Server Silex online is very simple: a simple copy and paste into a directory on your server and your choice of identifiers.

No declaration of databases necessary for the proper functioning of a Silex server.

A Prerequisites

Installing a Server Silex online requires the following features in your server php 5 + FTP client + internet connection.

Or you can have one already installed here, at Arvixe. Then you will not have to follow all these steps, nor use any third party software.

Using an FTP client.

To transfer your Silex Server on your Web-hosting server you can use any FTP client, for example you can use FileZilla (client FTP open source).


  1. Download Silex or the HTML5-editor
  2. Unzip the archive using a decompression program for your operating system or using a free program like 7-zip
  3. Launch your FTP client and paste all the folders and files of the silex_server folder into a web accessible directory


Very important, this step adjusts access rights as necessary to use Silex.

Open your web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari …) and enter the URL of your directory + install:

  • Exemple 1 :
  • Exemple 2 :épertoire-contenant-le-silex-serveur/install

Your login for the manager of administration and editing will be created in this step.

Log in Silex

Once installed on the server you can connect to the manager of Silex.

  • Exemple 1 :
  • Exemple 2 :épertoire-contenant-le-silex-serveur/

Look at :


  1. Efthimios Malagrakis

    5 Mar 11

    It’s a very good try but it doesn’t support UTF8 and Greek…

  2. romannosurname

    25 Fév 13


    First of all – thank U for opportunity of checking Your idea!
    I’m very sorry about decision, but at this moment it’s rather hard to compose site with multilevel structure of undersites – builtin editor have less option – easy way to get – it’s possible, but to do it, U must wait to long to.
    It’s rather easy to do the same site in any cms system – like drupal or joomla (yes i know that those are php generators), but still it’s easier way. Till html 5 will be approve by w3c, we must just wait.
    I will be still looking foward in this project – and I will test it – if U will provide it further.
    Take care!

  3. Francisco

    29 Avr 13

    I’m trying to install SilexLab in my server. In the first time, I can’t to continue because the system say:
    You don’t have the rights on the file system and silex couldn’t get them for you. This means you can’t do certain things with silex, but it should be ok for a visitor.

    I have a debian server, with Php5, and the directories and files on the media, contents, and logs directories and on cgi/scripts/upload.cgi have rights(0755)
    I also created an empty file at conf/pass.php

    Could anybody help me, please?


  4. alejandrorico

    22 Mai 13

    Hi, i have a problems the web browser siad :

    The page you are looking for cannot be found. It may have been removed from the website or is temporarily unavailable.

    Please return to the home page or return to the previous page using your browser’s back button.

    Thank You

  5. buddy

    21 Juil 13

    So my site says it installs it then has errors on the auto refreshed page it takes me to after install. Also when i try to go to the normal webpage now it shows this

    uncaught exception: Declaration of viewMenu::initHooks() should be compatible with plugin_base::initHooks(HookManager $hookManager) (errno: 2048) in /home/pi/Desktop/WEBSITE/server/plugins/viewMenu/index.php at line #214Declaration of viewMenu::initHooks() should be compatible with plugin_base::initHooks(HookManager $hookManager)

    in file: /home/pi/Desktop/WEBSITE/server/plugins/viewMenu/index.php line 214
    #0 /home/pi/Desktop/WEBSITE/server/cgi/includes/plugin_manager.php(74): _hx_error_handler(2048, ‘Declaration of …’, ‘/home/pi/Deskto…’, 214, Array)
    #1 /home/pi/Desktop/WEBSITE/server/cgi/includes/plugin_manager.php(74): plugin_manager::createPlugin()
    #2 /home/pi/Desktop/WEBSITE/server/cgi/includes/plugin_manager.php(53): plugin_manager->createPlugin(‘viewMenu’, Array)
    #3 /home/pi/Desktop/WEBSITE/server/framework/hx/org/silex/serverApi/PluginManager.class.php(11): plugin_manager->createActivePlugins(Array, Object(HookManager))
    #4 /home/pi/Desktop/WEBSITE/server/framework/hx/org/silex/html/SilexIndex.class.php(115): org_silex_serverApi_PluginManager->createActivePlugins(Object(Hash), Object(org_silex_serverApi_HookManager))
    #5 /home/pi/Desktop/WEBSITE/server/index.php(9): org_silex_html_SilexIndex::main()
    #6 {main}

    could someone pls help me im running it off of a debian distro on my raspberry pi.

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