What is Silex ?

Silex is a website builder available on designed to create HTML websites directly in the browser without writing code. Defined as a CMS, Silex is also a « cloud based » software, it means that you can work anywhere, on any computer and there is no installation.

You can install Silex on your computer or server, or use the instance provided for free by Silex Labs.

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Silex is designed for graphic artists, web designers and content editors who use it to collaborate. It’s also a great way to get into basic CSS and Javascript.

How to use it ?

Start right now on Developers can download Silex latest version here and host it themselves. It takes minutes to be up and running with Silex’s basic features, to produce a simple site or a prototype. There are video tutorials (in french) to begin slowly and go into details.

Silex is free and open source because we believe that free minds need to have free tools.

You are welcome to contribute and to propose services to the community.



  • Drag n’ drop Website Builder
  • Intuitive WYSIWYG with rich text editor
  • Templates and widgets available
  • All browsers
  • Import any HTML widgets
  • Programmers friendly: CSS, HTML, Javascript capabilities


Leave a comment below with the URL of your beautiful Silex powered website to appear in this list!

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