[World Wide Haxe Conf] The after !

[World Wide Haxe Conf] The after !

Dear Haxe family,

I hope you well came back home and enjoyed your wwx haxe weekend.

Know that it was a great pleasure for us to welcome you in Paris for this occasion.  The Haxe community is full of interesting and kind people :)


The pictures

You can find some pictures here*.

* If you want to add your own pictures, don’t hesitate to send me an email, I will share the album with you
* Please let me know if some captions contain mistakes (error in the name, missing name, etc…)
* And please let me know if you don’t want to appear on the album or if you want to delete some pictures of you

The videos

Relive all the presentations  !

In the coming weeks, we are going to post all speakers’ videos on the silexlabs blog : http://www.silexlabs.org/category/the-blog/blog-silex-labs/

(in the same order as the conf schedule, so we will start with Nicolas, Franco, etc…)


As your feeling about Haxe is important for us, we would really appreciate if you can fill this form.


Because communication is important for the Haxe community, we have created a dedicated work group on the silexlabs platform : http://www.silexlabs.org/groups/labs/haxe-community-meetings/haxe-communication/

So, feel free to join us, to lauch some forum topics, make suggestions, write articles, etc…(just create an account on silexlabs platform and then ask for your membership)

NB : this workgroup is only about communication around Haxe – this is not about development (you still have the mailing list for that)


We really want to thank you all for had been such cool participants !!

Looking forward to see you next year.

Kind regards,

Isabelle & all the Silex Labs team

NB : if you don’t want to appear on the wwx haxe communication (pictures, testimonials, articles, mailing list, etc…) please let me know.

Discussion (7)

  1. relu et un peu corrige. ok pour moi!

  2. Avatar of %s codam says:

    C’est bon pour moi aussi

  3. Avatar of %s richezchloe says:

    Isabelle, you are the greatest organizer of the world! you are our “Gentille Organisatrice”. Thank you for the Community. See you soon.

  4. Avatar of %s koala says:

    Chloé you are so kind !! Thank you so much ! Your words make me very happy :)

    You guys and Chloé helped me so much in the organization.

  5. Avatar of %s codam says:

    But is is only because “tu le vaut bien !”

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