Official Cocktail definition

Official Cocktail definition

last update: 13/08/12

About Cocktail

Cocktail, HTML rendering engine.

Cocktail is cross-platform, embeddable and native. It renders HTML5, CSS3 and Haxe Javascript in native applications and web apps.


Same rendering on all the targets, desktop, browser and mobile. Cocktail compiles to javascript/HTML5, ActionScript Flash, neko and php versions.


Cocktail classes are made to be compiled with your application in order to render its user interface. Cocktail is compatible with NMEAdobe AIR or PhoneGap.


Cocktail do not require any virtual machine, it is not interpreted. This has a positive impact on the performances and allows access to native functionnalities and ibraries in native language such as objective C, C++, php, ActionScript…

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