Email for Haxe speakers

Email for Haxe speakers

Dear Haxe community member,

We are pleased to welcome you as speaker at the Haxe conf organized in Paris from the 13th to the 16th of april 2012.

As you may know, the non profit organization Silex Labs is in charge of this event.

As communication officer at Silex Labs, here are the points I want to check with you in order to welcome you in the best way possible :

 For your flight reservation

Please let me know :

- Your country of departure

- The details of your arrival (day, hour, airport, flight number)

- The details of your departure (day, hour, airport, flight number)

 For your accomodation :

We can suggest the two following hotels (2* hotels) :

They are located at 6 subway stations on the line 1 from the conferences’ place.

Or we can suggest these two  (3* hotels) :

They are located at a few subway stations on the line 1 from the conferences’ place.

Note : we advise you to book as soon as possible and be careful with reservations that are non refundable.All the more reason that there will be the Paris marathon on this weekend.

If you want to broaden your researches, note the conference takes place on the 1st arrondissement of Paris and served by the lines 1 and 7 of the subway.
If you have any questions about a hotel location don’t hesitate to send me an email.

For your presentation

To introduce you on the haxe conf website, I need :

-       a picture of you

-       the name of your company or of your main projects

-       your website link

-       your job’s title

-       a little biography (2/3 lines)

-       your talk’s title

-       your talk’s description

For your admission to the Haxe conf :

You need to register at the Haxe conf.

For that, go at the haxe conf website and choose « register ».  Then choose the quantity of tickets needed and click on “order now”. Follow the instructions and when done you will be in the attendees list !

Thanks a lot for your collaboration. I’m at your disposal for any questions or further informations.

Sincerely yours,

Isabelle Barros
Silex Labs Communication officer

Discussion (4)

  1. Avatar of %s lexa says:

    ca me va bien

    mes remarques
    - plutot que de mettre le prénom du gars, ce qui est un peu galère, on peut juste dire “Hello” ou bien “Dear haxe community member”
    - il faut faire relire l’anglais à ariel, ca fait partie de ses attributions pour la haxe conf (et il y a des trucs à corriger)
    - pour nicolas cannasse, il faudrait lui faire un mail particulier car :
    . il est francais
    . il a déja transmis quelques infos sur sa présentation mais il en manque
    . il est déja inscrit sur eventbrite je crois

    Je réfléchis encore un peu, j’aurai peut etre d autres remarques d’ici ce soir

  2. Avatar of %s koala says:

    Merci Alex.

    Ok je mettrai “Dear Haxe community member”

    Pour ce qui est de la relecture à Ariel, j’attends qu’on bloque une version “définitive” du mail pour lui transmettre.

    Pour ce qui est de Nicolas Canasse oui il est déjà inscrit donc je vais virer cette partie et lui faire un mail en français.

    Par contre peux tu me faire suivre dans un mail les infos qu’il a déjà transmises ?


  3. Avatar of %s lexa says:

    Ses infos (il manque pas mal de trucs)

    Nicolas Cannasse (photo en PJ)
    haXe lead developer, CTO at Motion-Twin, love making games and writing compilers

    Talk : “haXe 3 and 4 – Plans for World Domination”
    You will learn about what is planned for upcoming haXe versions, and the mad scientist secret plans to conquer the world.

  4. Avatar of %s lexa says:

    Et il n’y avait pas de photo en PJ :)

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