1. codam

    Silex SEO Plugin

    Description This plugin adds the possiblity to generate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) informations for a silex site in some specific cases. Normal cases are already taken care of by Silex.
  2. lexa

    Modern Design Theme

    Name : Modern Design Theme Size : octet File : modern-design.zip
    Version : 1.1 Compatibility : v1.6.1, v1.6.2, v1.7.0 Download
    Project : Silex Use : Filters component
    Modern Design Theme is a free corporate theme for Silex This Silex theme has been made in order to test the beta version of Silex v1.6.3. I share it with you because it is very simple and easy to customize with your content. I have found the design in the...
  3. Martin

    Annuaire vins

    Name : Annuaire vins Size : 15.55 Mo File : annuaire_vins.zip
    Version : v1 Compatibility : v1.6.1 Download
    Project : Silex Use :
    Online demo Template pour un annuaire de vignoble Descriptif détaillé de ce thème en PDF License : Creative Commons