1. Lime/OpenFL for home game consoles

    Lars Doucet’s speech at the world wide Haxe conference WWX2015 Lars Doucet is the co-founder of Level Up Labs, LLC, developer of the popular game Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten. Lars contributes regularly to Haxe projects, most especially OpenFL and HaxeFlixel. His most popular libraries are flixel-ui, HaxeFlixel’s official...
  2. Réalisez vos sites encore plus facilement grace à nos templates SILEX

    À propos de SILEX « Dead Simple Website Editor For Designers » SILEX est utilisé pour créer des sites Web HTML5 directement dans le navigateur sans avoir besoin de coder. Et pour ceux qui savent coder, silex propose son éditeur html, css et javascript. Silex est gratuit / libre parce que nous...
  3. Silex SEO Plugin

    Description This plugin adds the possiblity to generate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) informations for a silex site in some specific cases. Normal cases are already taken care of by Silex.
  4. Modern Design Theme

    Modern Design Theme is a free corporate theme for Silex This Silex theme has been made in order to test the beta version of Silex v1.6.3. I share it with you because it is very simple and easy to customize with your content. I have found the design in the...
  5. Plant Theme

    Online Demo Plant theme is a simple publication with a mini flipbook integrated. Just flip the top page corners to turn pages.
  6. Floral Template

    Description : Online demo This blog template is zen and beautiful with its header. Original with its gallery. Informations : Original Template License : Creative Commons
  7. Hotel theme

    Online Demo Ce thème est un template pour Hôtel de luxe. Descriptif détaillé de ce thème en PDF Licence  Creative Commons

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