1. AmfPHP Plugin TransactionManager

    TransactionManager is an AMFPHP plugin that manages database transaction. Before a service is call, a transaction is started. If an exception is thrown by the service, the transaction is rollbacked otherwise the transaction is committed. This works only if the used database extension is global for all service. The plugin...
  2. AmfPHP Plugin ServicePropertySetter

    Since service classes are created internally by AMFPHP it is not possible to pass (at construction or with setters) parameters to services. With ServicePropertySetter, it is now possible. This plugin can be used to centralize configuration parameters and dispatch them to the services. For instance, if services need a connection...
  3. AmfPHP Plugin FPCCustomClassConverter

    FPCCustomClassConverter is an AMFPHP plugin that improves the mechanism of VO class resolution from the explicitType value. For instance with a minimal configuration the plugin can manage package like explicitType value. For instance if explicitType is equal to « net.femtoparsec.model.MyVoClass », the plugin will search the folder « <ROOT>/net/femtoparsec/model » for the file « MyVoClass.php »...

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