Client Generators

This contains a list of available or planned client generators.
The idea here is to help you generate a client stub project based on your services and a template.

You can access and use the generators by opening the Amfphp back office and opening the Client Generator section.

The generated project contains :

  • code to make calling your services easy. If you are using a compiled client language this will help you avoid typos.
  • a starting point for a user interface you can customize

Use cases for these generators include:

  • getting started quickly with Amfphp
  • trying out a new client technology
  • making custom backoffices for your services

3 generators are currently available:

  • Flex (Flash Builder)
  • Flash Creative Suite
  • HTML + Javascript

If you’re interested in making a missing client generator be developed faster, please go to its page(listed below) and vote for it with the social buttons at the bottom of the page. If it’s not listed, please comment.

If you’re interested in writing your own, documentation is available here.

Current Limitations of Client Generation

  • The client generators do not create typed parameters for method calls.
  • generated classes will all be in the same folder. Services in folders are still supported by a workaround : A “/” is replaced by “__” : For example if your service is in Services/MyFolder/MyService.php, the class generated to call it will be called MyFolder__MyService.
  • Client generators do not know of reserved words and constructs in the client language. For example if you create a service with a method called “delete”, this might be reserved in your client language, and therefore not compile. You must name your methods accordingly.


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