What is Amfphp?

Amfphp is free and open source software, and an essential brick for the development of Applications that need to communicate with the Internet. Amfphp is used in projects that cover a wide spectrum, from games to business applications. The role of Amfphp is to provide a really simple way of connecting a client with a server.

Client Server

Applications no longer run only on desktops, but must also be available on a variety of smartphones and tablets. It is becoming increasingly complex to code with the diversity of technologies used in these terminals. Amfphp is the best solution for creating accessible services to all terminals. Developers can focus on features unique to their projects, regardless of the communication between client and server.

Use Amfphp to enable your server side app with webservices.
Test your services as you develop them with the Service Browser.
Start your client development with a fully functional client project using the Client Generator.
Test your server performance with the Profiler.

Download Amfphp

The latest version is 2.2.1 Profiler. It is recommended for all new projects, and any actively maintained projects that don’t require the older versions.

If you are stuck with legacy code that doesn’t work with 2.0 and later, version 1.9 is still available here.

While you are downloading we would appreciate if you would fill out the feedback form.


  • PHP 5
  • Communication between PHP and your web and mobile applications
  • Talk native flash/flex
  • Talk native javascipt/html/ajax
  • Easy install
  • Plugins
  • AMF, JSON, (XML, XML RPC, SOAP, RSS, custom formats are on the way)
  • Security, user roles
  • Logging
  • Service Browser for debugging
  • Charsets
  • Client Code Generation
  • Performance Profiler
  • Simplest and most efficient
  • Modular and light
  • Short learning curve, many tutorials
  • Free and open source
  • BSD license

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For non-developers

You’re a designer, you’re a UX expert, or you’re a project manager
Here’s an example of what Amfphp can do for you: You have a web page, a tablet app and a smartphone app, and they all want to access some shared data, for example a list of emails. This list of emails is in the cloud, and you have a PHP developer whose job it is to make this list available to the apps and the webpage. Without Amfphp, there would be one code for the web page, another for the smartphone app, and maybe another for the tablet app. With Amfphp, there would only be one code!

Amfphp is aimed at developers. However if you fit one of the titles we just mentioned, you probably work with a developer. So the next time your developer tries to get rid of you with some techno babble involving words like “incompatible” and “protocol”, ask them: “Yes, but did you try with Amfphp?”.

For Developers

You don’t speak PHP?
You guessed, Amfphp is for PHP developers. But if you just need a bit of server side intelligence for your client, Amfphp is a good place to start.

How does it work?

Amfphp works as an entry point for your client. Your client sends a request to a PHP script on your server where Amfphp is loaded. It parses the request, loads the requested service, calls it, and returns the answer accordingly.

Code example. with, without Amfphp

You have a class that you want to call remotely. Here’s a simple one:

class ExampleService {
public function returnOneParam($param){
return $param;

Without Amfphp, you would need a script to call it. Something like this:

$param = $_GET["param"];
$exampleService = new ExampleService();
$ret = $exampleService->returnOneParam($param);
echo $ret;

With Amfphp, you don’t need this script, because it’s done for you. This case is fairly simple, but what if you have complex data, not just strings? What if you need to do this with multiple protocols? Your script would quickly get pretty complex and unmanageable. But with Amfphp you just write the service class, and Amfphp will make sure it gets called and that the client gets the return data in a language it understands.

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